4 Best wireless headphones

A world without wires, which he dreamed yet Nikola Tesla, has not yet arrived. However, the first signs of its approach visible: we are able to give away on the air the Internet, transfer from device to device image and sound, non-contact charge the batteries. However, up to the total disappearance of sockets, plugs and [ ] The post 4 Best wireless headphones appeared first on Your News Ticker.


When will AirPods be available?

The answer to the question, when will the wireless headphones AirPods in Apple stores, to remain difficult. Just before the presentation of the new MacBook Pro company officials puzzled by the news that in October, the accessory will be available for purchase at the event promised to reverse in September. Now the time of appearance [ ] The post When will AirPods be available? appeared first on Your News Ticker.

Fully wireless in-ear headphones Bragi The Headphone cost $150

Bragi company introduced new in-ear headphones, called The Headphone, receiving orders that have already begun. The announced decision is completely wireless design. The Headphone Ear is an independent, between which there is no wired connection. Connecting to a smartphone or other source is carried out via a communication Bluetooth 4.0. The developer says that [ ] The post Fully wireless in-ear headphones Bragi The Headphone cost $150 appeared first on Your News Ticker.