13 products and technologies, which we lost in 2016

The current year has ended, not even a few days remain. Over the past twelve months the IT-industry has a lost both good and bad. Most often, when summarizing recollect the most successful debuts, the most striking innovations. However, CNN journalists went the other way and gathered thirteen of products and technologies, for which 2016 [ ] The post 13 products and technologies, which we lost in 2016 appeared first on Your News Ticker.


Most Anticipated Smartphones of November 2016

In November, finally will get to the flagship Moto presented in the summer with unique modules that turn a smartphone though the camera with zoom, though the projector. There are devices and simpler. We gathered all smartphones expected in November. Xiaomi Mi5s Filling Xiaomi Mi5s most that neither is the flagship. Here top processor Qualcomm [ ] The post Most Anticipated Smartphones of November 2016 appeared first on Your News Ticker.

50 best apps in 2016 according to TIME

Popular edition of TIME has published its annual list of the top apps in the App Store and Google Play, consisting of fifty programs. In each category accounting for hundreds of software solutions and find out among them is problematic. Journal staff decided to help you in this. Venmo Category : Finance Developer / Publisher [ ] The post 50 best apps in 2016 according to TIME appeared first on Your News Ticker.

Top 10 Smartphones of October 2016

October was under the banner of the Chinese champions. Xiaomi, Oppo and Smartisan presented two top devices that look very dignified, even against the background of the most famous competitors. In addition to them in October, was born the new flagship from Philips, the first smartphone with 6 GB of RAM from Samsung and a [ ] The post Top 10 Smartphones of October 2016 appeared first on Your News Ticker.

The release of Windows Server 2016

Microsoft has officially unveiled a new version of the corporate audience Windows Server operating system. The novelty has received a lot of functional and technological improvements, and as developers assure, was a significant step in the evolution of server platform software giant. Microsoft announced the availability of the operating system Windows Server 2016. The company [ ] The post The release of Windows Server 2016 appeared first on Your News Ticker.

NVIDIA announcements at GDC Europe 2016

First European Conference on NVIDIA GPU-technology GTC Europe, which takes place in Amsterdam, was the third of eight planned regional conferences on NVIDIA accelerated computing. During the event, the president and director of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang, addressed the audience, numbering about 1 600 participants, who included scientists, businessmen and media representatives. Jen-Hsun Huang introduced a [ ] The post NVIDIA announcements at GDC Europe 2016 appeared first on Your News Ticker.